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# This file contains configuration data, some of which may be shared
# between the maildrop daemon and the MaildropHost object.
# IMPORTANT NOTE: This file is also sourced by a couple shell scripts,
#                 which means you must not have any whitespace around
#                 equal (=) signs!

# Which python interpreter to use for running the maildrop daemon

# The working directory keeping the spool and var directories

# You can override the spool directory with this directive
# Without it, it'll be the "spool" subdirectory of $MAILDROP_HOME

# You can override the var directory with this directive
# Without it, it'll be the "var" subdirectory of $MAILDROP_HOME
# MAILDROP_VAR="/tmp/maildrop/var"

# You can override the pid file with this directive
# Without it, it'll be the "maildrop.pid" file of $MAILDROP_VAR

# You can override the log file with this directive
# Without it, it'll be the "maildrop.log" file of $MAILDROP_VAR

# The SMTP server to be used for sending out email (e.g. smtp-relay.domain.com)

# The SMTP server port used for sending out email

# How long to wait between spool checks

# Set debug mode. This will PREVENT the daemon from detaching from
# the controlling terminal! Do not use in production!

# Debug Receiver is used for specific debug/testing situations where emails
# are created normally, but the envelope receiver is set to the value of
# DEBUG_RECEIVER so email ends up in one mailbox but looks exactly like the
# actual receiver would see it. Use for debugging purposes only. The value
# is a string containing one or more comma-separated addresses. 

# Batch size for smtp-connection
# = 0 means bulk all mails at once
# > 0 means close/reopen connection after BATCH mails

# TLS usage. The values available are...
#   0 : Don't try to us TLS
#   1 : Try to use TLS if possible, but don't fail if TLS is not available
#   2 : Force TLS and fail if TLS is not available
# If a username/password is specified for the SMTP server, it is recommended
# to set the value to "2" to prevent password sniffing.

# SMTP Authentication
# If the login and password are provided, authentication is attempted.
# If the authentication attempt fails, mail processing stops. Beware.

# Wait between sending two mails, to avoid overloading the mail server
# This should be a float, in seconds

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