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MaildropHost::MaildropHost Class Reference

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Detailed Description

MailHost objects work as asynchronous adapters to Simple Mail 
Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers.  MaildropHosts are used by 
DTML 'sendmail' tags to find the proper host to deliver mail to.

For the full API please see the MailHost API documentation in the
Zope Help System. This file only lists those methods that differ
from the standard MailHost API.

Definition at line 16 of file MaildropHost.py.

Public Member Functions

def isTransactional
def manage_makeChanges

Public Attributes

tuple addMaildropHostForm = DTMLFile('dtml/add', globals())

Private Attributes

string __version__ = "$Revision: 1618 $"

Static Private Attributes

 __constructor__ = manage_addMaildropHost


class  Email
class  MaildropHost
class  TransactionalEmail

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